Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday 1/31/11

It seems like the lucky people of Cincinnati will barely miss the "end of the world" that is coming to the midwest. I am happy for The Weather Channel, they will be having a ball with all the coverage over the next couple days. We will be getting a bunch of freezing rain over the next two days though. Since I did not get a long run in this weekend I decided to do it today. I left the house and headed for Hyde Park Square, then took a left on Erie and ran all the way down to where it crosses Red Bank Exp. I verged to the right on Murray Rd. where I found a walking/biking path. That took me right into The Village of Mariemont (that is what the sign says). This is all part of the second half of the Flying Pig course. Mariemont is an awesome area, gorgeous homes, parks, and neighborhoods. I headed back the same way, but going back up Erie is pretty hard since 1.5 miles is uphill (it was nice going downhill on the way out). I took a left on Delta and went down to Mt. Lookout Square then back up Linwood to Observatory. I ran uphill to Madison Rd. where I hung a right, then hung another right back onto Erie which took me back to Hyde Park Square. I looped around back to Madison Rd. and ran down to Oakley Square and another mile loop through our neighborhood. In total the run was 14 miles (1:42:58-7:21 pace). Totaled 160 miles for the month of January, more miles than I ran in any month last year. I cooked a nice little dinner of baked ziti for the lady tonight, which I have to say was delicious! Good luck to everybody in St. Louis and other midwest towns, and be safe over the next couple days!

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  1. Good run and a solid pace as well. Looks like you're getting back in shape pretty quick.