Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week of 7/17-7/23

Sunday-0 miles: Felt like I needed to give my knee a break after 5 straight days of running.

Monday-7 miles: Went to Clear Creek Park for some grass running. Covered 6.5 miles in 46:50 (7:12 pace) followed by 8x100 barefoot strides. Ran at 3:50pm and it was pretty hot out. This was the only time I could get the run in  though, so I considered it time spent working on my tan.

Tuesday-6 miles: Went to Ft. Thomas, KY for a track workout with co-worker Marc. At 7:30pm when we started it was still 95 degrees! I decided to attempt his workout with him, even though I doubted I could finish it. After a 1.5 mile warmup we did 1,000m (3:27), jogged 100m then did 3x200m also with 100m jog recoveries in 38, 39, and 40 seconds. We jogged 400m then repeated this. The second set we ran the 1,000m in 3:22 then 3x200m in 39, 39, and 38. After jogging another 400m I paced Marc for the first lap of his 3rd 1,000m in 80 seconds then I stopped. It has beena long time sinceI have done a workout with that short of recoveries. I added some barefoot strides on the football field and did a 2 mile cooldown. These Tuesday evening workouts at 7:30pm in Ft. Thomas are going to be a weekly tradition from now on. Running with faster people can only make you faster!

Wednesday-9 miles: AM-Did an easy 4 mile loop from the house in 29:58 (7:29 pace) then headed into work. After work I went to Clear Creek for a 4.5 mile run in 32:28 (7:12 pace) and 8x100 barefoot strides. 86 degree weather felt like air conditioning!

Thursday-9 miles (1:03:21-7:02 pace): Went to the bike path in Newtown just after 9am and could not believe how hot it already was. When I finished it was 90 degrees with a heat index of 102 degrees! After the turnaround at 4.5 miles I looked like I had jumped into a swimming pool. The scale said I lost 4.5 pounds on this run...awesome. I did manage a 6:49 and 6:44 last 2 miles without even realizing I was picking up the pace.

Friday-4.75 miles: Went to Clear Creek and ran 4.5 miles in 32:36 followed by four strides. I wanted to watch the Tour live this morning since it was the last mountain stage and I didn't have to work until 3pm. This meant I had to run at 1pm when there was a heat index of 110 degrees, dumb. At least the sprinklers were shooting out on the soccer fields!

Saturday-0 miles: Worked until a little after 5pm then we had the Arpin's and Hadaways over for dinner. Good times, especially my choice in youtube videos. Carrie loves watching youtube.

-Not nearly as many miles as I wanted to get, but the heat made it pretty difficult. Hopefully the temps will drop a bit next week and I can get some longer runs in. Hopefully next week I will be able to get 50 miles in with a better effort on the track on Tuesday. On a side note, anybody who is interested in reading a hilarious blog check out my friend Brian Gregg's take on being a first time dad at age 45. It is HYSTERICAL! I think my favorite line so far is: "I haven’t glanced at one parenting magazine. If something goes wrong with my kid, I can Google it!"

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week of 7/10-7/16

Sunday-0 miles: Hung out all day in New Orleans with my family as well as Matt Carroll and his parents. Flew back this evening and got home around 1:30am, exhausted from the crazy weekend!

Monday-0 miles: Luckily I had a short day at work and was done at 3pm. I honestly still felt hungover from Friday and Saturday's extravaganzas. Tomorrow I will start back with the running grind.

Tuesday, 85 degrees-6 miles (44:32-7:25 pace): Worked from 9:45am-7:45pm today and then headed out for an easy 6 miler up Madison to Woodburn and back down to Oakley Square then back to the house. About a mile into it co-worker Brian ran up behind me and joined for about 2.5 miles where he stopped at the store to head home. My knee was hurting pretty bad during the whole run which worries me since I haven't even run in the past 4 days. I really need to get back on the grass and stay off the road.

Wednesday, 90 degrees-6 miles (5.5 miles in 39:38-7:12 pace, 8x100 barefoot strides): Went to Clear Creek Park to run on the soccer fields, and surprisingly my knee didn't hurt at all! I plan on making the effort to run out here most runs, even though it is pretty boring and has no shade.

Thursday, 85 degrees-6 miles (5.5 miles in 38:35-7:01 pace, 8x100 barefoot strides): Same run as yesterday, a little bit cooler which made the run a little easier.

Friday, 91 degrees-6 miles (5.5 miles in 38:56-7:05 pace, 8x100 barefoot strides): Again, same boring run except it was pretty hot today. The good news is my knee has not hurt much at all the past 3 runs.

Saturday, 84 degrees-11 miles (1:17:00-7:00 pace): Went to the Little Miami River Trail for my first long run in 2 weeks. The first 4 miles I was running about 7:15 pace and was feeling kind of dizzy. After that I started feeling pretty good. I noticed from 4 miles to the turnaround at 5.5 miles I was picking up the pace without even knowing it. I ended up going out in 39:35 (7:12 pace) and coming back in 37:25 (6:48 pace). Very happy with this run.

-Good week considering I only got 5 runs in. Next week I am hoping to bump the mileage up to 50 per week with a track workout on Tuesday evening across the river in Kentucky. 5 weeks until Madison!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Week of 6/26-7/2

Sunday-0 miles: No running today, had way too much fun at the wedding in Oxford, OH last night. I just can't keep up like I used to. Had a nice little visit from Nicola in the afternoon before her journey back to Louisville. Took a 90 minute nap and still went to bed early.

Monday-10 miles (1:10:17-7:01 pace): Decided to punish myself today for the drinking I did two nights ago at the wedding. Did a very hilly loop (1,216 ft. elevation change) that included running up the long 2 mile hill up Erie and Observatory almost to Ault Park, Edwards Rd. to Grandin Rd., and a bunch of other lovely inclines and declines. First day of work at Bob Roncker's Running Spot, largest inventory of shoes I have ever seen. Everybody that works there seems to be awesome and love what they do, which is the kind of place I am looking to be a part of.

Tuesday-0 miles: Sore from the run yesterday and was on my feet for 9 hours today, so took the day off.

Wednesday-6.9 miles (48:59-7:05 pace): Ran with co-workers Matt and Brian after work around Oakley, Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park. It is pretty awesome to actually have people to run with!

Thursday-6.1 miles (5.6 miles in 41:23, 8x100 strides): Went to Clear Creek Park to get some grass running in. Felt pretty good, just taking it easy. Did some barefoot strides afterwards which felt nice.

Friday-11 miles (1:18:49-7:10 pace): Went to the Little Miami River bike path for an out and back 11 miler. At the turnaround my shorts and shoes were already completely soaked due to the crazy humidity. Even though I was running by 9am, it was already 85 degrees. The last 2 miles I was struggling and really didn't want to be out there anymore. I did this longer run today because I knew I probably wouldn't get any running in this weekend.

Saturday-0 miles: Worked until 4:30pm then Carrie and I headed to Pittsburgh to visit her family for the weekend.

-Last week I did 35 miles in seven runs, this week I did 34 miles in four runs. The quality is getting there, now I just need to work on the volume. With going to Pittsburgh this weekend and to the wedding down in Louisiana next weekend it may be a little bit longer before I can really up the mileage before the half-marathon in late August.