Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week of 8/21-8/27

Sunday-0 miles: Hanging out in Madison, WI.

Monday-0 miles: Travelling back from Madison to Cincinnati.

Tuesday-6 miles (45:15-7:32 pace): Forced in this run after work. Felt bad and awkward from not running the last couple days. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday-6 miles (43:30-7:15 pace): Same route and same time of day as yesterday, felt much better. Pretty warm out, but it is supposed to cool off a bit tomorrow after this line of T-storms rolls through.

Thursday-6.5 miles: Headed across the river for a track workout in Ft. Thomas. After a 1.75 mile warmup I did 15x400m with 90 seconds rest. Ran times of 78,76,76,76,76,76,75,75,76,75,76,75,76,76,75. The last 4 reps got pretty tough as far as breathing goes, but my legs felt really good the whole way. Also did a 1 mile cooldown. Once again another solid track workout!

Friday-0 miles: Took an off day and just hung with Carrie after work.

Saturday-7 miles (50:14-7:10 pace): I headed to the bike path for an easy 7 miler. I wore a new pair of Asics Nimbus Limited Edition. They seem to work perfectly, my aches and pains were almost gone. Even though I only have 240 miles on my old Nimbus, it is amazing what a new pair can do.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week of 8/14-8/20

Sunday-0 miles: off because I am way too sore from the Mudathlon yesterday.

Monday-9.5 miles: AM-5.2 miles (40:01-7:41 pace) felt horrible, worst run in a long time. I think everything is just sore from the Mudathlon still. I was going to run 6 miles, but cut it short since it was so slow. PM-4.3 miles (31:52-7:24 pace) at Clear Creek Park on the grass. Felt a bit better than this morning, but still not great.

Tuesday-6 miles: Track workout in Ft. Thomas, KY. After a 1.5 mile warmup I did a ladder consisting of 1600m (5:34), 4 min. rest, 1200m (4:05), 3 min. rest, 1000m (3:22), 2 1/2 min. rest, 800m (2:39), 2 min. rest, 600m (1:56), 90 sec. rest, 400m (74) followed by a 1 mile cooldown. I beat all my goal times and felt pretty good doing it.

Wednesday-7.5 miles (53:45-7:10 pace) on the bike path. Knee was hurting pretty bad the whole run, so I will probably take tomorrow off and do a short run from the hotel outside Chicago friday morning. A little warm, but still a gorgeous day today.

Thursday-0 miles: Rest day and driving to a suburb of Chicago after work.

Friday-3 miles (23:11-7:43 pace) in Schaumburg, IL before Carrie and I drove the rest of the way to Madison, WI for the weekend.

Saturday-2 mile warmup for the Madison Half-Marathon. Race was supposed to start at 7:00am, and after the national anthem all 4,700 people were on the starting line in downtown Madison. At 6:52am the announcer came on the speakers and said the race is being delayed indefinitely due to a bad storm cell moving in and we all had to find shelter someplace. I ended up in a hotel lobby a block away and sure enough a bad storm with rain, wind, and lightning came rolling through. I waited for an hour then decided to run through it back to the parking garage. Carrie and I came here this weekend to visit her brother Tim, and I didn't want to waste half a day waiting for this race to hopefully start. They ended up starting it around 9am, but of course I wasn't there. I looked up the results and only 2,800 people finished. Almost 2,000 people left because of the weather. Oh well, there will be another day and another chance.

Miles: 28
Time: 3:26:30
-Horrible week in mileage because of the two day taper and the race not happening Saturday. I will not be running Sunday or Monday either because of the trip and driving back to Cincinnati. Tuesday I will be back at it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week of 8/7-8/13

Sunday-13 miles (1:30:53-6:59 pace): Went to the Little Miami River Trail for my first long run in about 2 weeks. The first 8 miles averaged 7:07 pace and the last 5 miles averaged 6:47 pace. I felt real good and thought about going farther, but with a half in 2 weeks I didn't want to overdue it just yet. Today's run gives me 57 miles in a 7 day span, first time I have done that many miles in a week since 2005 when I lived in Connecticut.

Monday-0 miles: Taking it easy after yesterday.

Tuesday-6 miles (42:43-7:07 pace): Worked from 7am-7pm today and headed to Clear Creek afterwards for some grass running. My knee was hurting again, but the pace was still decent without much effort.

Wednesday-11 miles: AM-Went to Ft. Thomas, KY for a track workout. After a 1.5 mile warmup I did 6x800m with a 3 min. rest between each. Goal was to run 2:40's, ended up running 2:40, 2:38, 2:39, 2:39, 2:39. 2:37. On the 5th one there was a lady casually walking in lane 1 while talking on the phone. I let her know she was dumb and she immediately left the track. The one other guy running on the track, an older fella came over and thanked me. PM-5 miles (37:12-7:26 pace): I finished the track workout this morning at 11:30am and started this run at 3pm. I wanted to get it over so I could meet up with a friend from home in Bellevue, KY for some brews at 5pm.

Thursday-9 miles (1:04:35-7:10 pace): Ran from the house around 10:30am to Eden Park and back to Oakley Square for an extra mile at the end of the run. Felt pretty good, wanted to go a bit longer because I only had time for one run today.

Friday-7 miles (47:27-6:46 pace): Went to the Little Miami River Trail after work around 7:30pm for a really good run. The first 3 miles were at about 7:05 pace which is about when my legs started loosening up. The last two miles I involuntarily started chasing some casual bikers and ended up running mile 6 in 6:23 and mile 7 in 6:20. Funny thing is it felt really good. Maybe I can get close to 1:25 in the half next week?

Saturday-3.1 miles: Ran the Mudathlon this morning with about 20 co-workers. I would say I ran an easy 8:00 pace when I was actually running in the race. There were 40 obstacles in the race which was wild. I suggest anyone do one of these races if you ever get the opportunity...tons of fun! Even though I was just having fun with it and joking around the whole time I ended up finishing 28th out of about 3,600 folks.

Miles: 49.1
Time: 5:48:02

-Solid step in the right direction. I was hoping to get into the 50's this week in mileage, but that will come soon enough. The more miles I run the better I feel which is a very good sign. Looking forward to the Madison Half-Marathon next weekend. I am treating it as an up-tempo long run, so no real expectations other than to have a good time. Here is a song from the John Butler Trio, a band that some friends and I saw in Covington, KY last week.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week of 7/31-8/6

Sunday-0 miles: This seems to be how I start every week. Dad and my brother headed back home this afternoon, and when I got home from work I just spent time with Carrie since she is leaving for Wisconsin on a work trip tomorrow for three days.

Monday-11 miles: AM-6 miles (43:25-7:14 pace) before work from the house. PM-4.5 miles (32:37-7:14 pace) at Clear Creek on the grass followed by 8x100 barefoot strides.

Tuesday-8 miles (1:03:46-7:58 pace): Worked in our Loveland location for the first time this evening. After work I ran 3 miles with co-workers Ryan and Sarah at about 8:30 pace then did another 5 miles solo on the bike path at about 7:40 pace. It is kind of funny because Sarah and I chatted about all the places we like to run in St. Louis since she is on the Wash U. cross country and track teams.

Wednesday-12 miles: AM-1.5 mile warmup, 3200m (11:48), 5 min. rest, 1600m (5:37), 4 min. rest, 800m (2:42), 3 min. rest, 2x400m with 90 sec. rest (79, 76), 1.5 mile cooldown. The 2 mile sucked, but everything else felt pretty good. PM-5 miles (36:13-7:14 pace) at Clear Creek, last mile barefoot. I stole that idea from Michael Burke.

Thursday-0 miles: Tired and sore. Went to see The Head and the Heart as well as The Decemberists tonight which was a ton of fun.

Friday-13 miles: AM-7 miles (50:25-7:12 pace) on the bike path. Legs felt sluggish the first 3 miles, but loosened up quite a bit after that. PM-6 miles (41:26-6:54 pace) from the house. Felt pretty good.

Saturday-off: Worked and had date night with the lady. Went to dinner then saw Cowboys and Aliens. It was awesome! Carrie even said she liked it!

Miles: 44
Time: 5:18:32
-Finally got the miles up a bit, and managed to do it with just 4 days of running! If I can just add a long run to this I could get close to 60 mpw soon. The knee is feeling a little bit better which is a good sign.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Week of 7/24-7/30

Sunday-0 miles: Just went to work in Newport and hung with the lady in the evening.

Monday-11.5 miles: AM-7 miles (48:58-6:58 pace) on the bike path around 11am. Felt pretty good. Thought about going a bit farther, but knew I was running again this afternoon so decided not to. PM-4.5 miles (32:49-7:17 pace) after work at Clear Creek dodging soccer games the whole way. Felt pretty good for my first two-a-day.

Tuesday-7 miles: Went to Ft. Thomas for a track workout with a solid group, seven of us I believe. The workout called for 2 sets of 400m at 75-77 with a 400m jog rest between reps and 4 minutes between sets. I did the first set all in 77, then after the 4 minute rest did the 7th in 75. I then started struggling and ran 79, 82, and 81. I called it quits then and did a 1.5 mile cooldown. Not where I want to be, but much better than last week.

Wednesday-0 miles: off, tired and sore.

Thursday-10 miles (1:12:46-7:16 pace): Went to Lunken Airport to run for the first time around 9am. It was already near 90 degrees. The problem I quickly learned about this flat 5 mile loop on a bike path is that there is NO SHADE. I did the first loop in 36:38 and the second loop in 36:08. I was planning on going 12-13, but it was way too hot out there. I doubt I will be back out there until it cools off a bit.

Friday-7.5 miles (54:12-7:13 pace): Ran at 8am before work because my dad is driving up from Louisiana to hang out with us for a long weekend. When they got here around 8pm he said he had a surprise for me from home that is is the back of the truck in the camper top. He said it started with a "C" so of course I was thinking crawfish or boiled crabs. He opens the back door and my brother Craig pops out and scares the crap out of me. Good one dad. We then started drinking beer, and lots of it.

Saturday-0 miles: Carrie and I took my dad and Craig around town to the Findlay Market, then to Hofbrauhaus in Newport, KY. This place is awesome! I will be coming back here to drink one of the huge one liter steins. Had dinner at Terry's Turf Club, the best burger joint in Cincinnati. They were actually on "Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives" a while is the video from that show. One of the best burgers I have ever had.

Miles: 36
Time: 4:17:52