Monday, August 15, 2011

Week of 8/7-8/13

Sunday-13 miles (1:30:53-6:59 pace): Went to the Little Miami River Trail for my first long run in about 2 weeks. The first 8 miles averaged 7:07 pace and the last 5 miles averaged 6:47 pace. I felt real good and thought about going farther, but with a half in 2 weeks I didn't want to overdue it just yet. Today's run gives me 57 miles in a 7 day span, first time I have done that many miles in a week since 2005 when I lived in Connecticut.

Monday-0 miles: Taking it easy after yesterday.

Tuesday-6 miles (42:43-7:07 pace): Worked from 7am-7pm today and headed to Clear Creek afterwards for some grass running. My knee was hurting again, but the pace was still decent without much effort.

Wednesday-11 miles: AM-Went to Ft. Thomas, KY for a track workout. After a 1.5 mile warmup I did 6x800m with a 3 min. rest between each. Goal was to run 2:40's, ended up running 2:40, 2:38, 2:39, 2:39, 2:39. 2:37. On the 5th one there was a lady casually walking in lane 1 while talking on the phone. I let her know she was dumb and she immediately left the track. The one other guy running on the track, an older fella came over and thanked me. PM-5 miles (37:12-7:26 pace): I finished the track workout this morning at 11:30am and started this run at 3pm. I wanted to get it over so I could meet up with a friend from home in Bellevue, KY for some brews at 5pm.

Thursday-9 miles (1:04:35-7:10 pace): Ran from the house around 10:30am to Eden Park and back to Oakley Square for an extra mile at the end of the run. Felt pretty good, wanted to go a bit longer because I only had time for one run today.

Friday-7 miles (47:27-6:46 pace): Went to the Little Miami River Trail after work around 7:30pm for a really good run. The first 3 miles were at about 7:05 pace which is about when my legs started loosening up. The last two miles I involuntarily started chasing some casual bikers and ended up running mile 6 in 6:23 and mile 7 in 6:20. Funny thing is it felt really good. Maybe I can get close to 1:25 in the half next week?

Saturday-3.1 miles: Ran the Mudathlon this morning with about 20 co-workers. I would say I ran an easy 8:00 pace when I was actually running in the race. There were 40 obstacles in the race which was wild. I suggest anyone do one of these races if you ever get the opportunity...tons of fun! Even though I was just having fun with it and joking around the whole time I ended up finishing 28th out of about 3,600 folks.

Miles: 49.1
Time: 5:48:02

-Solid step in the right direction. I was hoping to get into the 50's this week in mileage, but that will come soon enough. The more miles I run the better I feel which is a very good sign. Looking forward to the Madison Half-Marathon next weekend. I am treating it as an up-tempo long run, so no real expectations other than to have a good time. Here is a song from the John Butler Trio, a band that some friends and I saw in Covington, KY last week.

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  1. We have a "lane 1" problem at the track we practice at... unfortunately, they do it on purpose... while smoking... and kicking soccer balls at us... but hey, if you can dodge a soccer ball you can run 13.1 miles?!?

    Good luck in the half this weekend and that mudathlon race looked AWESOME!