Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week of 8/14-8/20

Sunday-0 miles: off because I am way too sore from the Mudathlon yesterday.

Monday-9.5 miles: AM-5.2 miles (40:01-7:41 pace) felt horrible, worst run in a long time. I think everything is just sore from the Mudathlon still. I was going to run 6 miles, but cut it short since it was so slow. PM-4.3 miles (31:52-7:24 pace) at Clear Creek Park on the grass. Felt a bit better than this morning, but still not great.

Tuesday-6 miles: Track workout in Ft. Thomas, KY. After a 1.5 mile warmup I did a ladder consisting of 1600m (5:34), 4 min. rest, 1200m (4:05), 3 min. rest, 1000m (3:22), 2 1/2 min. rest, 800m (2:39), 2 min. rest, 600m (1:56), 90 sec. rest, 400m (74) followed by a 1 mile cooldown. I beat all my goal times and felt pretty good doing it.

Wednesday-7.5 miles (53:45-7:10 pace) on the bike path. Knee was hurting pretty bad the whole run, so I will probably take tomorrow off and do a short run from the hotel outside Chicago friday morning. A little warm, but still a gorgeous day today.

Thursday-0 miles: Rest day and driving to a suburb of Chicago after work.

Friday-3 miles (23:11-7:43 pace) in Schaumburg, IL before Carrie and I drove the rest of the way to Madison, WI for the weekend.

Saturday-2 mile warmup for the Madison Half-Marathon. Race was supposed to start at 7:00am, and after the national anthem all 4,700 people were on the starting line in downtown Madison. At 6:52am the announcer came on the speakers and said the race is being delayed indefinitely due to a bad storm cell moving in and we all had to find shelter someplace. I ended up in a hotel lobby a block away and sure enough a bad storm with rain, wind, and lightning came rolling through. I waited for an hour then decided to run through it back to the parking garage. Carrie and I came here this weekend to visit her brother Tim, and I didn't want to waste half a day waiting for this race to hopefully start. They ended up starting it around 9am, but of course I wasn't there. I looked up the results and only 2,800 people finished. Almost 2,000 people left because of the weather. Oh well, there will be another day and another chance.

Miles: 28
Time: 3:26:30
-Horrible week in mileage because of the two day taper and the race not happening Saturday. I will not be running Sunday or Monday either because of the trip and driving back to Cincinnati. Tuesday I will be back at it.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the race... that sucks. Hope you had a good rest of the trip though!