Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week of 8/21-8/27

Sunday-0 miles: Hanging out in Madison, WI.

Monday-0 miles: Travelling back from Madison to Cincinnati.

Tuesday-6 miles (45:15-7:32 pace): Forced in this run after work. Felt bad and awkward from not running the last couple days. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday-6 miles (43:30-7:15 pace): Same route and same time of day as yesterday, felt much better. Pretty warm out, but it is supposed to cool off a bit tomorrow after this line of T-storms rolls through.

Thursday-6.5 miles: Headed across the river for a track workout in Ft. Thomas. After a 1.75 mile warmup I did 15x400m with 90 seconds rest. Ran times of 78,76,76,76,76,76,75,75,76,75,76,75,76,76,75. The last 4 reps got pretty tough as far as breathing goes, but my legs felt really good the whole way. Also did a 1 mile cooldown. Once again another solid track workout!

Friday-0 miles: Took an off day and just hung with Carrie after work.

Saturday-7 miles (50:14-7:10 pace): I headed to the bike path for an easy 7 miler. I wore a new pair of Asics Nimbus Limited Edition. They seem to work perfectly, my aches and pains were almost gone. Even though I only have 240 miles on my old Nimbus, it is amazing what a new pair can do.

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