Monday, September 5, 2011

January-August 2011 wrapped up

I am taking a 2-3 week break from running to heal up some nagging injuries. So far this year I have had some success and also had some setbacks. I have not done any real races (other than a muddy 5.4 mile trail race in May and the Hyde Park Blast 4 miler in June) which is kind of a bummer, but hopefully I am starting a base that will lead to successful and injury-free trail running next year. The biggest mistake I have made this year is running on the road too much. We live in such a runner-friendly community in Cincinnati that it is hard not to hit the streets when there are so many people out running. Once I start back later this month I will not be running on the roads at all. Strictly trails and grass for this guy. I have some pretty nice trails and parks to pick from even though a couple of them are a 30-40 min. drive from home. Luckily I will now have a set work schedule in Newport, KY and will be able to plan my runs accordingly. Here are my stats so far this year. The end of March and beginning of April were bad because of a hip injury and part of June was bad with a knee injury that I am still trying to heal.

January: 160 miles-Notable run was a 14 miler around Hyde Park at 7:22 pace.
February: 168 miles-Notable run was a 15 miler on the bike path at 6:54 pace.
March: 83 miles-No notable runs.
April: 61 miles-Notable run was a very muddy 1 hour and 23 minute trail run at Mt. Airy.
May: 129 miles-Notable run was a 10 miler on the bike path at 6:47 pace.
June: 95 miles-Notable run was a workout consisting of 2 miles in 11:46, 5 min. rest, then 1 mile in 5:34.
July: 133 miles-No notable runs because it was 100 degrees this entire month.
August: 159 miles-Notable run was a workout consisting of 15x400m with 90 seconds rest at 75-76.

Total for 12 months last year was 1,059 miles (20.3 miles per week). Through 8 months this year I am at 988 miles (28.5 miles per week). The best thing is I have lost 13 pounds since the beginning of the year!

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  1. Much improved over last year even with the injuries. Heal up & get signed up for some races. 2012 should be a good year for you!