Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week of 7/31-8/6

Sunday-0 miles: This seems to be how I start every week. Dad and my brother headed back home this afternoon, and when I got home from work I just spent time with Carrie since she is leaving for Wisconsin on a work trip tomorrow for three days.

Monday-11 miles: AM-6 miles (43:25-7:14 pace) before work from the house. PM-4.5 miles (32:37-7:14 pace) at Clear Creek on the grass followed by 8x100 barefoot strides.

Tuesday-8 miles (1:03:46-7:58 pace): Worked in our Loveland location for the first time this evening. After work I ran 3 miles with co-workers Ryan and Sarah at about 8:30 pace then did another 5 miles solo on the bike path at about 7:40 pace. It is kind of funny because Sarah and I chatted about all the places we like to run in St. Louis since she is on the Wash U. cross country and track teams.

Wednesday-12 miles: AM-1.5 mile warmup, 3200m (11:48), 5 min. rest, 1600m (5:37), 4 min. rest, 800m (2:42), 3 min. rest, 2x400m with 90 sec. rest (79, 76), 1.5 mile cooldown. The 2 mile sucked, but everything else felt pretty good. PM-5 miles (36:13-7:14 pace) at Clear Creek, last mile barefoot. I stole that idea from Michael Burke.

Thursday-0 miles: Tired and sore. Went to see The Head and the Heart as well as The Decemberists tonight which was a ton of fun.

Friday-13 miles: AM-7 miles (50:25-7:12 pace) on the bike path. Legs felt sluggish the first 3 miles, but loosened up quite a bit after that. PM-6 miles (41:26-6:54 pace) from the house. Felt pretty good.

Saturday-off: Worked and had date night with the lady. Went to dinner then saw Cowboys and Aliens. It was awesome! Carrie even said she liked it!

Miles: 44
Time: 5:18:32
-Finally got the miles up a bit, and managed to do it with just 4 days of running! If I can just add a long run to this I could get close to 60 mpw soon. The knee is feeling a little bit better which is a good sign.

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  1. The Decemberists?!? Awesome band! Glad training is going well :-)