Monday, July 4, 2011

Week of 6/26-7/2

Sunday-0 miles: No running today, had way too much fun at the wedding in Oxford, OH last night. I just can't keep up like I used to. Had a nice little visit from Nicola in the afternoon before her journey back to Louisville. Took a 90 minute nap and still went to bed early.

Monday-10 miles (1:10:17-7:01 pace): Decided to punish myself today for the drinking I did two nights ago at the wedding. Did a very hilly loop (1,216 ft. elevation change) that included running up the long 2 mile hill up Erie and Observatory almost to Ault Park, Edwards Rd. to Grandin Rd., and a bunch of other lovely inclines and declines. First day of work at Bob Roncker's Running Spot, largest inventory of shoes I have ever seen. Everybody that works there seems to be awesome and love what they do, which is the kind of place I am looking to be a part of.

Tuesday-0 miles: Sore from the run yesterday and was on my feet for 9 hours today, so took the day off.

Wednesday-6.9 miles (48:59-7:05 pace): Ran with co-workers Matt and Brian after work around Oakley, Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park. It is pretty awesome to actually have people to run with!

Thursday-6.1 miles (5.6 miles in 41:23, 8x100 strides): Went to Clear Creek Park to get some grass running in. Felt pretty good, just taking it easy. Did some barefoot strides afterwards which felt nice.

Friday-11 miles (1:18:49-7:10 pace): Went to the Little Miami River bike path for an out and back 11 miler. At the turnaround my shorts and shoes were already completely soaked due to the crazy humidity. Even though I was running by 9am, it was already 85 degrees. The last 2 miles I was struggling and really didn't want to be out there anymore. I did this longer run today because I knew I probably wouldn't get any running in this weekend.

Saturday-0 miles: Worked until 4:30pm then Carrie and I headed to Pittsburgh to visit her family for the weekend.

-Last week I did 35 miles in seven runs, this week I did 34 miles in four runs. The quality is getting there, now I just need to work on the volume. With going to Pittsburgh this weekend and to the wedding down in Louisiana next weekend it may be a little bit longer before I can really up the mileage before the half-marathon in late August.

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  1. Good week of running. I didn't realize you weren't a Fleet Feeter anymore. Hope the new place works out well. Keep building those miles as it looks like you're starting to get back into shape.