Monday, June 27, 2011

Week of 6/19-6/25

Sunday-6 miles (43:53-7:18 pace): Ran down Madison to Woodburn, turned around and headed back down to Oakley Square and back home. The knee didn't hurt too bad which is a good sign. The week off seems to have helped.

Monday-6 miles (41:29-6:54 pace): Same route as yesterday, but faster. I didn't look at my watch the whole time, just went on feel and it worked out well.

Tuesday-6 miles (41:12-6:52 pace): Did a different route today, up Marburg towards Ault Park, then down to Mt. Lookout Square and back up to Hyde Park Square. Again I didn't look at my watch until I was done and the pace was pretty decent.

Wednesday-5 miles: Went to Seven Hills School for a track workout. I wanted to do some longer reps to see what kind of shape I am in. I planned on doing 2 miles (11:40-11:45), take a 5 min. rest, then do 1 mile (5:40-5:45). In the 2 mile my half mile splits were 2:57,2:57,2:56,2:56 for an 11:46. It was nice getting a pace locked down and just rolling with it. The one mile went even better. I hit splits of 82,84,84,84 for a 5:34. I was toast after that, but hopefully this will give me something do build on over the next 8 weeks before the half-marathon in Wisconsin.

Thursday-4.8 miles: Met the Greater Cincinnati Trail Runners for a nice, hilly loop. I ran with Mike Rioux and another guy, can't remember his name. It was good to be back on the trails.

Friday-1.7 miles: Pretty tired from the past few days, so I just jogged 1.5 miles on the track and did some strides. Hopefully I won't be this tired tomorrow morning!

Saturday-5.5 miles: I ran Hyde Park Blast 4 miler this morning. It is a pretty huge race through Hyde Park (half mile from our house) with about 3,000 participants. Here are the results. This was not an easy course, 545 feet of elevation change. My goal was to get close to 6:00 pace, but really had no idea what I could do. I ended up running splits of 6:02,6:17,6:13,6:17 for 24:49 and 40th place. I tried not to get chicked, but 3 of them got me in the end.

Miles: 35
Time: 4:09:18
-Pretty solid week of running. I didn't get a long run in this week, but that will be back next week. It's good that my knee is holding up a little better, but is still sore after all my runs.

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  1. Nice race dude and don't feel too bad, I seem to get chick'd in nearly every race I do these days.