Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week of 7/10-7/16

Sunday-0 miles: Hung out all day in New Orleans with my family as well as Matt Carroll and his parents. Flew back this evening and got home around 1:30am, exhausted from the crazy weekend!

Monday-0 miles: Luckily I had a short day at work and was done at 3pm. I honestly still felt hungover from Friday and Saturday's extravaganzas. Tomorrow I will start back with the running grind.

Tuesday, 85 degrees-6 miles (44:32-7:25 pace): Worked from 9:45am-7:45pm today and then headed out for an easy 6 miler up Madison to Woodburn and back down to Oakley Square then back to the house. About a mile into it co-worker Brian ran up behind me and joined for about 2.5 miles where he stopped at the store to head home. My knee was hurting pretty bad during the whole run which worries me since I haven't even run in the past 4 days. I really need to get back on the grass and stay off the road.

Wednesday, 90 degrees-6 miles (5.5 miles in 39:38-7:12 pace, 8x100 barefoot strides): Went to Clear Creek Park to run on the soccer fields, and surprisingly my knee didn't hurt at all! I plan on making the effort to run out here most runs, even though it is pretty boring and has no shade.

Thursday, 85 degrees-6 miles (5.5 miles in 38:35-7:01 pace, 8x100 barefoot strides): Same run as yesterday, a little bit cooler which made the run a little easier.

Friday, 91 degrees-6 miles (5.5 miles in 38:56-7:05 pace, 8x100 barefoot strides): Again, same boring run except it was pretty hot today. The good news is my knee has not hurt much at all the past 3 runs.

Saturday, 84 degrees-11 miles (1:17:00-7:00 pace): Went to the Little Miami River Trail for my first long run in 2 weeks. The first 4 miles I was running about 7:15 pace and was feeling kind of dizzy. After that I started feeling pretty good. I noticed from 4 miles to the turnaround at 5.5 miles I was picking up the pace without even knowing it. I ended up going out in 39:35 (7:12 pace) and coming back in 37:25 (6:48 pace). Very happy with this run.

-Good week considering I only got 5 runs in. Next week I am hoping to bump the mileage up to 50 per week with a track workout on Tuesday evening across the river in Kentucky. 5 weeks until Madison!

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