Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday 1/16/11

Woke up this morning in our new king size bed, and it was GREAT! It is like we each have our own zip code. Downed a couple cups of coffee, watched some silly TV shows then headed to the Little Miami River Trail where I was hoping the snow from this past week would be melted. Instead the snow had frozen and turned to ice...awesome. I still did my planned 11 miles, but only in 1:22:02 (7:28 pace). The footing was horrible, but hopefully when the weather gets better these runs will be MUCH faster. The new shoes/new CEP socks/2 days off seemed to have helped my shins a ton. After the run I took a detour through some really cool neighborhoods up to a place called Alms Park. This will be a great run with lots of hills and a gorgeous view of the Ohio River valley. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be horrible so I may try this run. As for football, I am PUMPED that Atlanta was killed by Green Bay. I can't stand the Falcons. Hopefully the Jets can pull this win out against the Patriots...21-11 good guys right now!

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