Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday 1/12/11

I made a very exciting discovery on my run this afternoon...a place to pee! In St. Louis there was a place to do this on every run, but through these neighborhoods there are no places to go. I can not disclose this place though since it is not a public restroom. Anyway, I had a snow run for the second day in a row of 6.5 miles (51:39-7:57 pace). Windchill was about 18 degrees, colder than I thought it was supposed to be today. Afterwards I headed to Kroger for supplies to make chili tonight. It was delicious! Obama's speech in Arizona tonight was pretty intense, hopefully everybody had a chance to watch it. It's horrible what happened and the heroism of the everyday people who were involved in saving lives is amazing...ordinary people put in extraordinary situations. Very moving.

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