Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday 1/18/11

Woke up this morning to my right calf hurting so bad I could barely walk. I decided not to run today and make sure I get it better for the rest of the week. It felt better as the day went on which is good. I went to get a much needed haicut before work today and I must say, it was an experience. I always tell the person that is cutting my hair I would just like it trimmed and to make it look nice...I trust you. Well lucky me, I get the girl who I don't think has ever cut hair. She asked me at least three different questions all more than once. She was also trying to make small talk which was a bad idea since she was obviously not good at it. I usually enjoy talking to people I don't know, but all I was thinking was "I wish you would shut up and focus on cutting my hair, since you don't know what you are doing." After work Carrie and I were supposed to meet some people from her work up on Mt. Adams, but that fell through since I didn't leave work until 9:00pm. I went to Wendy's to pick us up some grub, my first time eating fast food in 2011. Oh well, I will just try and run it off tomorrow.

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