Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday 1/25/11

The last two days must have worn me out because I slept 11 hours last night. Headed into work an hour early today and stayed until 9:00pm. Had our training team run tonight which means we probably will stay open a little later. I took today off from running because the legs are hurting a little after 23.2 miles in the past two days. I decided today I am probably not going to run the Heart Mini Marathon 15k on March 20th. Instead on March 27th I am going to run the Fool's 25k Trail Race up near Cleveland. I want to get a couple tastes of trail racing since I plan on doing a lot of it in the future. It was about 40 degrees today, crazy how that feels WARM now! I also bought tickets to see Guster on April 2nd, should be a good time. Haven't seen them since September 2007 at St. Louis University.

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  1. Adding an extra 10K... and on a trail?!? Glad to hear that training is going well.