Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday 1/17/11

Decided to run at a new location today, Otto Armleder Memorial Park. The reasoning is that the entire run would be on soft grass to make it easier on my shins and legs. Covered 5 miles in 37:49 (7:33 pace). One loop around the park is about 2.3 miles. There is a pretty cool dog park there which was crowded today since a lot of people were off work for MLK Day. After dinner Carrie and I drove over the river to Kentucky to a place called The Party Source. This may be one of the greatest stores I have ever been to...all the beer and wine you could ever ask for! We ended up getting $90 worth of booze for a game night we are hosting this coming saturday. Sadly for some of the beer, it won't make it as far as saturday. Here is a photo of Otto Armleder Memorial Park today right after my run, will probably spend a lot of time there in the next couple weeks.

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