Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday 1/24/11

Woke up today, but I felt like I never really woke up. Watched the usual Sportscenter and CNN this morning before heading out to do some errands. I took a drive through some neighborhoods in Hyde Park that I have never been in and found some really cool places to run. I decided around 5pm to finally head out the door. Ran to Hyde Park Square then up Paxton towards Alpine (which I haven't done yet). When I say up Paxton, I mean UP. Once at the top of the huge hill there are some great views of the surrounding neighborhoods including Mt. Lookout Square. I then headed back up Grandin and down a private drive which lead to an amazing view of the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati. Ended up doing 7.2 miles in 57:33 (8:00 pace). I have to say I am now officially tired of snow, and not really because of the snow itself. It is annoying trying to run on sidewalks when people do not even attempt to shovel or salt them. I am just assuming it will pay off when it warms up. Here are a couple pictures I have taken of the places around where we live, which is where I do most of my running.

Coffee Emporium on Erie Ave. Possibly the coolest coffee shop ever.

Mt. Lookout Square

Hyde Park Square

Country Day High School (looks like a small college)

Remember the movie Traffic? This was Michael Douglas's house in that flick.

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