Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday 1/11/11

Woke up to a nice snowstorm this morning. I was supposed to go in to work at 2pm, but that got cancelled. This city pretty much shuts down when it snows just a couple inches. I am guessing we got about 4 inches today. Around noon I headed out for my run in ankle deep snow on the sidewalks of the neighborhoods. I again did the normal loop of Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout and Oakley Squares. The snow made the run really tough, especially since it was still coming down pretty hard while I was out there. Did 5.5 miles in 45:32-8:17 pace. As soon as I got back I went to shoveling the sidewalk at the house. Days like today it is not good to live on a corner...twice the sidewalks to shovel! Finished up season 3 of True Blood tonight, time to finish up season 3 of The Sopranos. On a sidenote, Carrie and I just booked a vacation for May 18th-22nd, our first vacation by ourselves! Can't wait!

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