Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday 1/15/11

Just got home from work to Carrie drinking beer, watching the Steelers-Ravens game and screaming at the TV...pretty funny. I took my second day in a row off from running, but can't wait to do my second long run tomorrow. I am going to go back to the Little Miami River Trail and see if I can run 11 miles at a little faster pace than my 10 miler there last week. I also get to test out my new kicks and CEP compression socks, EXCITING STUFF! We watched The Social Network last night and I was surprised by how good a movie it was. Of course it will annoy you that a dorky kid became the youngest billionare because of a website everybody who is reading this is currently on. Anybody who hasn't seen it should check it out. Something else everybody should check out is my friend Mike Burke's running log at We met back in 2003 while running on the Kim Williams trail in Missoula, MT and trained together while I lived out in Portland, OR. He is training for some pretty awesome trail ultramarathons this year, pretty cool stuff. He has some pretty cool photos on there as well. H ere is a photo I took of Carrie right when the Steelers scored a TD.

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