Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday 1/27/11

After a morning trip to Dunkin Donuts I decided to take a little drive and do some exploring. I ended up going through the Mt. Washington area and found a cool park called Woodland Mound close to the Ohio River. They even have an 18 hole disc golf course out there. Met Carrie for lunch at Noodles and Co. which was nice. This evening I had an awesome run. Headed to Mt. Airy Forest around 6:30pm to meet some people for a night trail run along pitch black snow covered trails. A headlamp was required for sure. I ran with a guy named Michael Rioux who is a very good ultramarathoner from what I gathered. I am not sure how far we ran, but it was for 48:13. I did wipe out about a mile into the run, but at least it wasn't on one of the many icy steep hills we were going up and down. Hopefully I get to meet up with this group more often and even hang out with them after the runs.


  1. Not surprised you bit it on your snowy night run as you have a hard enough time when its daytime and dry.