Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday 2/9/11

I didn't have to work until 2pm today, so I decided to do something new. I headed to Sharon Woods for a short, easy run. Since the temperature was 18 degrees with a 9 degree windchill and a thin layer of snow/ice on the hilly paved trail, I was running a pretty easy pace. I parked in the main parking lot and just started running up the road until I came upon Sharon Woods Lake. There is a winding path around the lake which was very cool and scenic. When the weather gets better I will be back here for sure. The lake was pretty much frozen over as was much of the path. Once I made my way back to my car I looped around until I reached 5 miles (39:55-7:59 pace). It was nice to get a very easy hilly run in, even if it was in horribly cold and icy conditions. I can't wait for this weekend, supposed to get up to 50 degrees on Sunday! I am off work tomorrow so I plan on getting some kind of quality run in, even though it is going to be pretty cold again. Here is a picture I took of the path going around Sharon Woods Lake, very nice place to run.


  1. (Beware, Juvenile Comment) Sharon Woods? Sounds like a place for gay guys.

  2. (Beware, juvenile response) You and Ben should hang out there sometime!