Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday 2/10/11

I was planning on getting some quality work in today, but when Carrie left for work I saw the actual temperature was 7 degrees. No way I am running hard in that! I decided to take a drive to Milford, OH which is a really cool little town. I then made it to the Cincinnati Nature Preserve, but it cost a couple bucks to get in and I had no cash on me. I really just wanted to check out the trails up there for future runs. I headed back down I-275 to I-471 and through downtown Cincinnati because I wanted to finally drive the dreaded miles 5-8 of the Flying Pig course. I will say, that is basically a steep 3 mile hill. Can we say "going out conservative?" I waited until it warmed up a little to go on my run. It was about 24 degrees with a 17 degree windchill which is cold, but not quite as cold as yesterday. I headed down Madison to Brotherton which goes all the way to the bottom of the 1.5 mile hill on Erie. I headed up that hill then all the way down Observatory back to Madison. I then took a left and ran to Eden Park. I stopped for a minute to do something I have never done...walk across a frozen pond! I headed back to the house and ended up running a pretty solid overall pace. In all I covered 12 miles in 1:25:25 (7:07 pace). I am seriously looking forward to the warmer temperatures this coming week, supposed to get up into the mid-50's!

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