Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday 2/17/11

Headed into work this morning, nothing too exciting to report there. After work I wanted to get a 6-7 mile run in on grass, just to protect the shins/knee a little. I first headed to a golf course, but even though it was crazy windy out there were still plenty of golfers out. I didn't want to get into a shouting match with any of them, which I have been known to do quite a bit. I then headed to a soccer complex I have driven pass in Anderson Township. There are a ton of soccer fields and also just regular grass fields next to some farm land. I headed out to run the outer loop of these fields which were covered by very soft thick grass. Makes it a little harder to run fast on, but so much better for the legs. One loop was 1.8 miles, so I did 3 loops plus one small out and back for 6 miles in 44:47 (7:27 pace). This is about as boring a place to run as there can be, but it is great to get off the roads. I will be back here for sure. When I got home we had an awesome dinner of grilled tilapia, grilled asparagus, steamed broccoli, and couscous. I will probably take tomorrow off from running since today was 12 days in a row, and I want to make sure the knee is feeling better for the trail race on Saturday. Should be fun!

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  1. If I don't talk to you before, good luck in your race this weekend!