Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday 2/8/11

Headed out for my run around 10:45am this morning. It was colder than I expected, about a 14 degree windchill. I took it easy and covered 6 miles in 43:42 (7:17 pace). It was a fairly uneventful run, which seeing that I ran past my favorite place (Withrow High School) it is probably a good thing. We had our training team run at work tonight and in the middle of it two people came in, a middle aged guy with his little brother or nephew. He was a senior in high school and needed to get fitted for training shoes for track. The guy he was with was not a small person. We got to talking and I found out that he graduated from Arkansas in 2000 and played football there. I told him I ran track at LSU and we even knew a couple of the same people. After talking a bit more I find out he is Bobbie Williams, starting right guard for the Cincinnati Bengals. He had so much fun watching me fit the kid he brought in that he decided he wanted to get fit. I ended up ordering him Asics 2160's and a pair of Asics Kayano's in a size 16 and a 4E width. He did not have a small foot to say the least. I told him that Marvin Lewis (the Bengals head coach) shops with us too, so hopefully he will bring some of his teammates in! Here is a picture of him, nicest and funniest guy, but he looks like a monster (he's only 6'4 and 345 pounds).

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