Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday 2/27/11

Met up with the Sunday crew in Wyoming at 7am this morning. After the 15 miles on Friday I was thinking I would go a shorter 10 miles today. Ryan, who I have run with the past couple weeks, was doing the 12 mile course so I agreed to run it with him. The first 3 miles were flat then we started going uphill. We ran up to the ridge line that goes along the west side of Wyoming, were running down Sharon Rd., and were looking for a left turn that just never came. Finally our road dead ended at Mill Rd., so obviously we had missed our turn and didn't really know where we were. We turned around and took a right on Winton Rd. which we knew we would have ended up on eventually. We ran past an awesome park called Winton Woods. Supposedly it is 2,555 acres...pretty huge. Finally we came up on a road we were supposed to turn on and just like that were back on course. We finally made it back and instead of the planned 12 miles we ended up doing 14.5 miles in 1:49:50 (7:35 pace). We all hung out and had a stellar breakfast afterwards at Half-Day Cafe. Work was wild as usual, had to pull out the fitting stool to sit on because the legs were aching pretty bad. The lady made an awesome spaghetti sauce tonight for dinner. I can just feel that I am craving carbs more and more! Tonight and tomorrow it is supposed to storm again, not good for the Ohio and Little Miami Rivers. I heard the Ohio River's flood stage is 53 feet, and it is already at 45 feet. Hopefully it holds off.

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