Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday 3/22/11

For a nice change I got to open at work today which means I got off at a normal time! Went in at 9:30am and left at 5pm. I went back to Clear Creek Park after work and tried something a little different. I wore my Nike Lunaracers, a lightweight racing flat, instead of my normal Nike Structure Triax. I was thinking with running in water and mud the lightweight shoe will be less strain on the hip/groin than a heavy trainer that holds all the water. It seemed to work well...it still hurt, but was MUCH better than yesterday. I did 5 miles in 37:23 (7:28 pace). I was given a pair of Saucony Kinvaras last week at the expo and I may try running in them with a Superfeet insert this week. I could tell my Lunaracers would start hurting my ankles pretty bad after an hour of running. I am just trying to decide what shoes to wear in the trail race Sunday. Carrie made an awesome dinner tonight of grilled chicken, potatoes, and steamed green beans. The marinade she used on the chicken was awesome!

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