Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday 3/27/11

Well, after a little early spring cleaning of the house and a trip to Target for a bookshelf I headed to Mt. Airy Forest for a very casual trail run (hopefully easy on the hip) followed by a Hash trail run. The normal run was pretty standard, just jogging around the trails without the hip hurting much at all. Thank you four Advil. We finished and found the Sin City Hash House Harriers at the oval. We all had a beer, had the rules explained to us, and the "hares" were off into the woods to lay their markings for us to attempt to follow and catch them. It was pretty wild, running off the trails and through brush and some pretty rough patches trying to spot patches of flour left behind by the hares. Eventually we came to a drinking stop where I had n IPA (yum!) and after 5 minutes we began chasing after two more hares through the woods. Finally we came to a "swing check" where we had to swing on a swing set then finish up at the cars. In all we ran about 7.5 miles. The fun was just beginning as we were all put into a circle and songs began being sung at us...not G-rated songs either. We all huddled around the pickup truck with the beer to listen to the last minutes of Virginia Commonwealth beating Kansas in the Elite Eight. Crazy! We headed to some sports bar where I discovered they had Abita Amber on tap! Of course I had to have one before heading home and picking up some delicious Pad Thai for dinner. End of

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