Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday 3/14/11

Today I decided to take a drive to downtown so I could snap some photos of the flooding Ohio River. It is pretty crazy how high it is. Riverside Dr. in Kentucky is completely under water. I crossed back into Ohio on I-275 and headed to Newtown and Anderson to check out Clear Creek Park where I have been running. It was under about 5 feet of water which blows me away since 6 days ago I ran there and it was totally dry. I also bought a scale today so I can monitor how much I weigh. So far since New Year's I have lost 10 pounds, hoping I can knock 5-10 more pounds off before the Flying Pig. I headed out for my run around 3:45pm and the first half mile I basically hobbled because my left groin/hip was killing me. It loosened up after a while, but felt pretty tender the whole way. The good thing about that is it kept my mind off my bum toe. I headed up to Hyde Park Square and up Edwards towards Grandin. I hung a left on Madison and ran up to Woodburn, then turned around and ran the same way back for 8 miles in 57:50 (7:13 pace). The pace was much better than yesterday and felt like less effort, but I am feeling pretty beat up. This week I am just going to have to run through it and hopefully the body holds up. I made baked ziti for dinner, DELICIOUS. Here is a pic of the finished product.

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