Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday 3/20/11

I am pretty excited because I FINALLY was able to run. I had work from 11:30am-6:00pm then headed to Clear Creek Park hoping that the flood waters had receded. There was still a small portion of the park flooded, but about 75 percent of it was dry. The hip was still hurting, but seemed to loosen up after the first mile. In all the run was 4 miles in 30:32 (7:38 pace). After only running 5 of the past 15 days it is going to be tough in the trail race next Sunday. I feel there is no way I can run on the road anytime soon because every step feels like a knife in my hip. The grass (and hopefully no more flooding) is going to get me to the starting line of the Flying Pig. On another note Carrie and I finally saw The Fighter tonight. It was pretty good, Christian Bale very much played a "Daniel Day Lewis" type role.

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