Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday 3/24/11

Today after work I headed to Clear Creek Park for a 5-6 miler on the grass. After 4 miles I stopped and walked back to my car because my hip/groin was hurting really bad. I decided tonight it is not a good idea to attempt 16 miles on a hilly, muddy trail this weekend. I am taking off from running until this gets better. That means I won't be running the Flying Pig either. If anybody wants and entry into the full marathon or half marathon (it can be transferred to the other distance) just let me know and you can have mine. On a good note, since I requested this weekend off for the race I have off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Carrie took Monday off work so we will have three days together. It should be fun...planning on going to the Findlay Market this weekend and then maybe the Newport Aquarium on Monday. I'm watching the SDSU-UConn game right now. These are going to be some exciting games coming up in the next couple days. Here is a video that still gives me goosebumps when I watch it, as it will to anybody who watched last year's national championship game.


  1. Bummer about the hip man. Being injured sucks. By the way, have you ever run at East Fork State Park (25 miles from Cincy) or Shawnee State Forest (80 miles from Cincy)?

  2. I have been to East Fork State Park (not to run), but have not been to Shawnee State Forest.