Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday 3/10/11

Another gross day today, rain which turned into about an inch of snow this evening. I decided since my mileage this week is already shot, I may as well take off the rest of the week from running to make sure my toe heels up. I will be back at it Sunday. I did buy a new pair of shoes today, the Asics DS Trainer, to wear in the marathon. That will be the first time I have ever worn any sort of light weight shoe in a marathon and also the first time I have ever worn Asics in a marathon. I was pretty pumped when I found out we would be bringing them in. Our Diva Night was just getting started when I left work at 7pm tonight. I think 130 women in one room  is a little much for me, so I was happy to head out. :-) We had an awesome dinner of grilled salmon, couscous, and steamed carrots. I am really starting to enjoy this healthier lifestyle. I need to buy a scale to see how much weight I have lost since Christmas...has to be at least 15 pounds. Carrie's new computer finally came in today, a MacBook Pro. I don't know what kind of stuff it can do, but it sure looks cool.

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