Monday, May 30, 2011

Week of 5/22-5/28

Sunday-3.7 miles: Flew back from Orlando today and wanted to get a run in before the bad thunderstorms got here. By the time I got to Mt. Airy the sky was pretty dark, but there was no rain and no wind so I figured I would be ok for the 5 mile loop. About a mile into the run it start raining a little, but it felt good since it was 80 degrees. About 2 miles in it got so dark I could barely see the trail and the wind started picking up a lot. At about 3 miles it was getting kind of scary so I took a cut through trail to the ridge road. The second I stepped onto the road the rain started coming down hard. Because of the crazy winds the rain was basically coming sideways and stinging pretty hard, especially since I had no shirt on. One the lightning started I got kind of freaked out. I looked down at my garmin at one point and I was running about 5:50 pace. Accidental fartlek workout I guess! I dove in my car and headed home.

Monday-5 miles: Went back to Mt. Airy to run on a very nice day, but it was so muddy and slick from the rain last night I could barely keep a decent pace. I was going to run farther, but I was dead after one loop.

Tuesday-5.3 miles: Ran at 9:30pm around the neighborhood. Night runs are always kind of fun.

Wednesday-4 miles : Ran with Robert around Hyde Park. Knee is swollen and hurting pretty bad. I didn't want to run on the road, but it was nice to actually have somebody to run with.

Thursday-7 miles: Went to Clear Creek Park after work for a run on the grass fields to hopefully give my knee a break. After 2 miles I saw a thunderstorm rolling in, and roll in it did. After about 3 miles of sideways rain it passed, the sun came out and there was a double rainbow. It was actually a pretty nice run.

Friday-11 miles: I was going to do a track workout today, but I thought a longer run would be better for me. I went to the Little Miami River Trail for an out and back. I ran at a casual effort and averaged about 7:15 pace. After the shorter runs this week it was good to get a little volume in.

Saturday-4 miles: Ran in the neighborhood after work and the knee was killing me. After running 7 straight days I think I am going to take one or two days off and try to heal this up.

Miles: 40
Time: 5:07:27
-Decent increase in mileage this week, but hopefully my knee is not a casualty of it. I did four runs on the road this week which isn't good. Next week I plan on running on the grass at Clear Creek Park more even though it is VERY boring.

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  1. Is your knee pain from a couple weeks ago when you cracked it on a rock? I've got to take time off as the patellar tendonitis has reemerged in my knee. It sucks being injured.