Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week of 4/17-4/23

Sunday-0 miles: Carrie got back from Nashville today, so instead of running I wanted to just spend some time with her.

Monday-6.6 miles: Mt. Airy was finally dried up a little from no rain for 48 hours. I explored the Cedar Trail, not a good idea. It is basically a 300m drop straight down the side of a ridge, then comes right back up the other side.

Tuesday-0 miles: It was raining pretty bad all morning, so I skipped the run and just headed into work.

Wednesday-5 miles: After the crazy rain/wind storms yesterday and last night I headed to Mt. Airy after work today. There were tons of trees down along the trails, not to mention it was sloppy as hell. I tried to move as much of the branches/trees off the trails as I could, but there were some trees down that I wouldn't even be able to wrap my arms around.

Thursday-0 miles: I left work at 5pm and would have liked to go to the trails, but the grass needed to be cut in a bad way. Does cutting grass for 2 hours count as cross training?

Friday-4.8 miles: I left work around 6:45pm and headed to Mt. Airy right in the middle of a pretty bad thunderstorm. I decided to brave the weather and get the run in anyway. The trails were like ankle deep flowing rivers the whole way. There was one stream I had to cross that was about shin deep...good times! I even sat in a puddle afterwards to wash off some of the mud off before driving home.

Saturday-0 miles: Worked all day, then headed straight to a concert no running.

Time: 2:24:38
- Not a lot of miles and only 3 runs. The hip is feeling good though, no pain. Next week I can hopefully get more runs and more miles in, even though this rain is supposed to continue throughout the week. Congrats to Michael Burke who finished 2nd in the Wildflowers 50k trail race in a huge PR of 3:55!


  1. I think you can count Friday's run as both swimming and running... and cutting the grass counts as cross training as long as you were wearing sneakers :-)

  2. Thanks man. Now that the "easy" races are done, I now look forward to the grown-up versions. Less than a month to my first 50 miler.