Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday 4/16/11

It was cold, windy, and on/off rain today...perfect weather for a trail run! Headed to Mt. Airy for some fun in the mud. Ran about 5 miles trying not to bust it, which I almost did once by clipping my toe on a fallen tree while running down a slippery hill. That would have been a stellar face plant. The University of Cincinnati ROTC people were out in the woods in full camouflage gear practicing how not to get lost in the woods (I am guessing). I am just glad they realized I am on their side. Headed to my favorite restaurant in Cincinnati...actually up in Mason, The Wildflower Cafe for dinner with the Hadaway clan. Once again, delicious! It is pretty quiet around the house this weekend with Carrie being in Nashville for the bachelorette party. Looking forward to her coming back tomorrow!

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