Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday 4/12/11

Headed to Mt. Airy Forest this morning for another trail run. After about 14 hours of rain it was pretty sloppy. Also the temperature was about 45 degrees cooler than Sunday! Everything was going good, just trying not to fall down on the muddy trails when about two miles in I twisted my right ankle pretty bad on a rock. I hobbled around on the trail and finally loosened it up enough to where I could start running again. Then about four miles into the run I did the same thing to my left ankle. This one was not nearly as bad, but needless to say I wasn't very happy with myself. I should have been watching more carefully. In all the run was 4.8 miles in 43:15, pretty slow pace with the mud and twisted ankles. Otherwise it was a great run. Jeff Wells, owner of Fleet Feet Louisville came in today to train us on how to educate customers on Trigger Point Therapy. Pretty amazing what it can do for people!

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