Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week of 9/2-9/8

Sunday-Took today off, just biked to and from work.

Monday-Had off work today for Labor Day, so I decided to take advantage. At 10:00am I headed out for an 8 mile run (58:39-7:19 pace). Felt nice and relaxed the whole way. At 4:30pm I went on a 24.2 mile bike ride around East Walnut Hills, Norwood, then Lunken and Armleder Park. Humid out, but overcast which was nice.

Tuesday-Had off today so I went on a 12 mile run (1:25:00-7:05 pace) around 11:20am. Same route as 5 days ago, but WAY more humid today. Last 3 miles were rough, but still kept the pace.

Wednesday-Headed out for an 8 miler (59:14-7:24 pace) after work around 8pm. ran to the conservatory in Eden Park and back. Thunderstorm that rolled through around 5pm cooled the temperature down quite a bit to around 72 degrees which was great.

Thursday-After work with Mr. 2:21 marathoner Chris Reis, 8 miles in 57:20-7:10 pace. Felt decent enough, hot and humid again. First time I have run with somebody in about 2 months.

Friday-Just biked to and from work, took off because we had dinner plans after work.

Saturday-7 miles after work (50:43-7:14 pace). Very easy and relaxed before long run tomorrow.

Running miles-43
Biking miles-42.7

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