Monday, September 3, 2012

Week of 8/26-9/1

Sunday-Carrie and I left her parent's house in Pittsburgh around 6am, and got back to Cincinnati around 10:30am. I changed clothes and biked to work for 11am. After biking back home from work I threw on my kicks and headed out for a 7 mile run (50:48-7:15 pace). It was still pretty warm at 6pm, about 90 degrees. Long day, but glad I managed to get a run in.

Monday-Today was my short day at work, so around 3:30pm in the post afternoon thunderstorm humidity I did a new route with about 1,100ft in elevation change. About one mile of it was on a trail cutting through the middle of Ault Park. Total the run was 8 miles in 1:00:28-7:33 pace.

Tuesday-Worked late today and didn't get out for my run until 8:15pm. Did 7 miles in 52:38-7:31 pace. Second half of the run was in the dark, kind of fun.

Wednesday-Didn't run today, but I did bike to Bob's house for our bi-monthly manager's meeting, then to work, then back home.

Thursday-Off work today and beautiful outside. I headed out for my long run around 9:30am. Did an out and back 12 miler in 1:26:16-7:11 pace. It was 78 degrees, sunny, and no humidity. Perfect day out and the run was very easy.

Friday-Didn't run today, just biked to and from work.

Saturday-Did what I call the UDF Loop which passes three UDF's along the 8 mile route. Very humid out, but only 84 degrees. Covered the loop in 58:52-7:21 pace.

Running miles-42 miles
Biking miles-19.8 miles

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